MailChimp Subscriptions Setup

You can setup Mailchimp Subscriptions anywhere on your Website by simply Copy/Pasting the Sample Code present in the HTML Files. To setup your Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Form, you will have to add your API Key & your List ID to include/subscribe.php File:

To add a Subscriber to a Different List ID, you can simply replace the Form Action to the following code:

<form action="include/subscribe.php?list=your-list-id" ...

Code Example

$apiKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-us5'; // Your MailChimp API Key
$listId = 'xxxxxxxx'; // Your MailChimp List ID


Setting Description

Type of Alert after Form Submission.

Option(s): inline/notify

Ex: data-alert-type="inline"


Type of Processing Loader when the Submit Button is Clicked.

Option(s): button/form

Ex: data-loader="button"

Last Modified: February 10, 2020