Follow the steps below to get started with Canvas:

  1. Open the Package/Canvas 7 Files Folder to find all the Templates Files
  2. List of the Folder/Files are listed below:
    • HTML/css – Extra Stylesheets Folder
    • HTML/demos – Niche Demos related Images/Styles
    • HTML/dist – Folder to store Gulp.js compiled files
    • HTML/images – Classic Demos Images Folder
    • HTML/include – Required PHP Functions Folder along with Revolution Slider Files
    • HTML/js – Javascripts Folder
    • HTML/one-page – One-Page Demos related Images/Styles
    • HTML/style.css – Main Stylesheet File
    • HTML/style.scss – Master Stylesheet SASS File
    • HTML/*.html – All the Templates
  3. Install a Localhost Server on your PC/Laptop. We recommend using Node/Gulp.js for really streamlining your Workflow with Canvas and use the Instructions here to get started: SCSS & Gulp.js
  4. Edit the Files using a Text Based Editor like VS Code (recommended) or Sublime Text.
  5. Finalize the Upload Package and optionally you can run Gulp Tasks to minify your Files.
  6. Upload your Files to your Servers in the public_html Folder (Apache) or /var/www/html Folder (Nginx).

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Last Modified: March 13, 2023