Add Toggles to make your Content shorter than it looks. Great to provide your Site Visitor with an Option to Choose to view your Content.

Code Example

<div class="toggle">
	<div class="togglet"><i class="toggle-closed icon-ok-circle"></i><i class="toggle-open icon-remove-circle"></i>This is a Toggle Title</div>
	<div class="togglec">This is a Toggle Content</div>


Setting Description

The Display State of the Toggle.

Option(s): open or closed

Ex: data-state="open"


Add this Class to the .toggle Element to use Bordered Toggles.

Ex: <div class="toggle toggle-border">


Add this Class to the .toggle Element to use Background Colored Toggles.

Ex: <div class="toggle toggle-bg">

Last Modified: December 16, 2019