Version 7.0.4

Released on 25th March, 2023

Bootstrap Update, JS and SCSS fixes.

This Version includes a lot of breaking changes and it is recommended to rebuild using Canvas 7 if you plan to upgrade your website due to collective HTML/CSS/JS Changes for performance, flexibility and scalability. More details here.
  • AddedOption to choose JS Loading Type
  • Addedplugins.js File to disable Async JS Loading
  • UpdatedBootstrap Updated to v5.3-alpha-2
  • UpdatedSwiper Plugin updated to 9.1.1
  • ChangedImprovements to JS Loading
  • ChangedGulp.js Improvements
  • FixedIssues with Cookies JS when using on Modal onLoad
  • FixedIssue with Portfolio Description sizing
  • FixedIssue with Page Transition Animations jerking

Changed Files

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