Version 6.0.4

Released on 17th July, 2020

More Icons related to COVID-19, Minor Functionality Enhancements and Bug Fixes.

  • AddedOption to choose Slide to start from in Canvas Swiper Slider
  • Added200+ New Icons including COVID-19, TikTok
  • AddedNew Social Icons with their Brand Colors
  • AddedOverflow Visible Helper Class
  • UpdatedPHPMailer to Latest Version
  • FixedIssue with Scroll Animations sometimes not triggering
  • FixedIssue with Tabs not activating Window Hash Selected Tab properly
  • FixedIssue with Split Menus
  • FixedIssue with Plugin Trigger affecting some Plugin Functionality
  • FixedIssue with Revolution Slider Premium Full Screen Menu
  • FixedIssue with Sticky Menus when scrolling up
  • FixedIssue with Logo on Burger Niche Demos when Sticky
  • FixedIssue with Slider Features in Revolution Slider in Recipes Niche Demo
  • FixedIssue with Sub Menus Links on Hover on Movers Niche Demo

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