Version 7

Released on 12th March, 2023

New Niche Demos, New Blocks, New Elements, Refreshed UI, Less reliance on jQuery, New Optimized Functions JS, JS Modules, Focus on Page Loading Speed, Restructured Core SCSS and CSS Variables.

This Version includes a lot of breaking changes and it is recommended to rebuild using Canvas 7 if you plan to upgrade your website due to collective HTML/CSS/JS Changes for performance, flexibility and scalability.
Github Access for Version Tracking will be opened shortly.
Documentation for Canvas 7 is being worked upon and will be updated periodically throughout this week.
Documentation for Canvas v6.x has moved here.


  • Skincare Niche Demo
  • Podcast Niche Demo
  • NFT Marketplace Niche Demo
  • Insurance Niche Demo
  • Landing 2 Niche Demo
  • Jewellery Boutique Niche Demo
  • SAAS Niche Demo
  • Shop 2 Niche Demo
  • Speaker Niche Demo
  • Integro Niche Demo
  • Portfolio Niche Demo
  • 50+ New Blocks
  • Refreshed UI Design
  • New Shop Example Templates
  • Custom Mobile Menu Breakpoint Support
  • More Vanilla JS / Less jQuery
  • Dynamic Classes Support
  • Redesigned Events
  • Page Title Restructure and Redesign
  • Primary Menu Redesign
  • Menu Item Divider
  • Lightbox Redesign
  • Progress Redesign and New Examples
  • Buttons Redesign and New Examples
  • Testimonials Redesign
  • Toggles Redesign
  • Accordions Redesign
  • Ticker Element
  • Custom Cursor Element
  • Copy to Clipboard Element
  • Pre Code Languages Element
  • Conditional Form Inputs Functionality
  • Cascading Images Element
  • AJAX Button Element
  • Form Labels Redesign
  • Dark Toggle Element
  • Video Facade Element
  • Circle Stack Element
  • New Product Quantity designs
  • Native Page Transitions
  • Cover BG, Pause on Blur & Play on Visible Options for Youtube BG Video
  • SPAM Protection from Excessive URLs in Form Submissions
  • hCaptcha Integration
  • Easy Icons Management by simply importing Font Icons CDN Links
  • Completely New Icons from the Latest Libraries
  • Restructured SCSS
  • CSS Variables for deep customizations
  • Multiple Primary Menu Mobile Trigger support
  • CSS3 Primary Menu Trigger
  • .object-* Utility Classes
  • .*-contrast-* Utility Classes
  • Redesigned JS with JS Module Support for faster Loading and easy management
  • Better RTL Support with RTLCSS
  • Better Dark Support with nest-able Dark/Not-Dark
  • Logos now support srcset
  • Upgraded to Twitter API v2
  • Mobile Parallax Background Support
  • Gulp.js Workflow
  • Github Version Control for Main Package to easily track changes (requires access manually)


  • Bootstrap to Latest Version
  • Swiper to Latest Version
  • LazyLoad JS to Latest Version
  • PHPMailer to Latest Version
  • Form Validation to Latest Version
  • Typed Plugin to Latest Version


  • Restructured Document <head> to use Latest Code Standards for <link>
  • Restructured Document <head> to use <meta> Descriptions
  • Restructured Document <head> for a Uniform Stylesheet Structure across templates
  • Restructured Logo Codes
  • Restructured One-Page Scrolling Functionality
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Events Templates
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Portfolio Single Templates
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Portfolio AJAX
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Twitter Feed/Slider Shortcode
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Testimonials Shortcode
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Clients Shortcode
  • UI Design & Structural Code Changes for Tabs
  • Removed: jQuery UI Tabs, now uses Bootstrap Tabs
  • Removed: Skrollr Parallax JS and made it optional with only handful of Demos/Templates using it (manually loaded)

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