Go To Top

You can add a Go To Top Trigger on your Page to allow your users to scroll to the Top of the Page anytime they need to. Simply add the code below at the bottom of the page just after the </wrapper> ends:

Code Example

<div id="gotoTop" class="icon-angle-up"></div>


Setting Description

Offset from Top when you would like the Go To Top Trigger to appear in pixels.

Ex: data-offset="300"


Enable/Disable Go To Top on Mobile.

Option(s): true/false

Ex: data-mobile="true"


Speed of the Go To Top Scrolling in milliseconds.

Ex: data-speed="800"


Easing of the Go To Top Scrolling. Eg. easeInQuad

Ex: data-easing="easeInQuad"

Last Modified: June 2, 2020