Dribbble Widget

You can show your Dribbble Shots from a Username anywhere on your website, simply by writing a Single Line of Code. Some of the important attributes you’ll require while setting up this widget are listed below:

Code Example

<div id="dribbble-widget" class="dribbble-shots masonry-thumbs" data-user="envato" data-count="16" data-type="user"></div>


Setting Description

The Username from which you want to retrieve shots. You'll need to provide a username only if your data-type is user.

Ex: data-user="dribbble-username"


No. of Images you want to be retrieved.

Ex: data-count="12"


Type of the Shots you want to retrieve.

Option(s): user/follows/list

Ex: data-type="list"


Type of List you want to retrieve. You'll need to provide this only if your data-type is list.

Option(s): popular/everyone/debuts

Ex: data-list="popular"

Last Modified: February 7, 2020